As a drone pilot, it is important to know how your client charges. The drone service industry is still new and there is not a standard rate for the service prices. Also, pricing is very depending on the market, competitors, and obviously the quality of the services. Globphy provides a rough estimate for different drone services in North America that could help drone pilots for pricing their services either in globhpy website or their personal clients.

Drone Photography and footage

Per hour$150 to $450
4 hours$600 – $1,000
8 hours$800 – $1,500
Per session$500 – $1,500

Real estate advertising

Real estate photos5 to 15 images$75 to $150
Real estate photos and videos5 to 15 images$125 to $350

Drone mapping

Commercial drone pilots who offer drone mapping service charge an hourly rate of $150, although a range of $100 to $200 is generally acceptable. Prices vary depending on the industry being served: mapping services for oil and gas firms can cost up to $195 per hour, while agriculture and construction firms pay only $160 to $170 per hour.

We emphasize that these prices are not accurate and are not a reference for pricing, these are only a scheme that helps drone pilots to price their services wisely.

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